Kampot pepper plantation and salt fields

A great choice for a very nice day-trip is visiting the organic ‘La Plantation’ pepper farm where they produce Kampot pepper that is among the most sought after peppercorn in the world. Out unique climate is ideal for growing the spice, allowing the peppercorn to standout from all the rest. The plantation offers guided tours allowing you to view the area. Gather some spices straight from the source, providing an excellent souvenir for family and friends back home. If you’ve made it to the pepper plantations then you may as well venture over to the salt fields. Taking your lunch at one of the restaurants at Secret Lake enjoying a beautiful view.

In addition to pepper, the region is also known for award-winning sea salt, harvested by hand without the unnecessary use of chemicals or machines. It is always nice to directly connect with the ingredients we use daily; appreceiating the time, effort and resources involved with getting them to our table. Cool down with a drink and a swim in one of our pools back at Le Flamboyant topping of the day by eating dishes prepared with the very spices you saw in production. Upon your return to Le Flamboyant, we will have some delicious food prepared with the finest of Kampot Pepper sauce!